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Medical Marijuana Card Florida

Florida’s Medical Marijuana Qualifying Medical Conditions:

  • ALS*
  • Crohn’s Disease*
  • Cancer*
  • Epilepsy*
  • Glaucoma*
  • Multiple Sclerosis*
  • PTSD*
  • Parkinson’s Disease*
  • Chronic Pain related to a qualifying condition*
  • Pain related to terminal illness
  • (*or same kind or class)


  • Qualified Physician Certification
  • Ultimately it is up to the physician to conclude the patient’s benefit from medical use of marijuana surpass the potential health risks to the ailed patient.
  • Patients 30 week Re-Certification/Exams.
  • First patients results in medical marijuana certification for qualified patients. (2014 Compassion Use Law mandating a 90 day period is No longer applicable)
  • Informed Consent. A certifying physician must obtain the patient’s informed written consent for medical use of marijuana each time the physician issues a certification for the patient.
  • 210-Day supply before needing a new physician certification
  • Department of Health “Use Registry” benefits both Patient and Physician
  • Patient Registration must be a Florida Resident with a Valid Government issued identification card 
  • No Smoking medical marijuana. .
  • Physician’s may certify for Pregnant Women and Minors.
  • State sales tax Exemption.
  • Mandated Courses and Examination by Physician.
  • Physician can reap No Financial Benefit or vested interest in the patients care.
  • Florida Department of Health Emergency Rules.
  • e.g. medication, surgery, counseling